Listening to God Speak: Episodes 1, 2 & 3

There’s been a series going on…a series of listening to God and like any made-for-TV drama,  each episode has continued to build on a theme.  I wasn’t really sure what the “theme” was at first but as the words began to come, the pieces began to fit to reveal a much larger story. Episode 1: … Continue reading

Help is on the Way !!

I need help !  I’m getting a clearer sense that the word for this season is “listen” and when you really need help, you really need to listen. Listening to Jesus …  Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and … Continue reading

Backing Up to Move Forward

I hate backing up!  I  fear backing up!  I’ve  backed into a few  things  cars in my day and that, along with some kind of fear of many things (I think there’s another word for that but I fear saying it  :-) ) has caused me to do a little walk around “looksie” before I … Continue reading

Recipe for Flan and Friendship

The word for 2014 is coming but it’s coming in pieces — in processing — because it doesn’t always come as a single “word” …it may come as a phrase or a concept.  My word is coming and I think it has something to do with listening …listening for the voice and heart of God … Continue reading

When You Need A Word for the New Year

I typically find myself leaning  toward reading something shorter and to the point as opposed to longer literary pieces …like books, for instance.  :-)  This may be a commentary on my short attention span and lack of  focus and inability to retain information   but then  I can always blame TV and social media on … Continue reading

Conversations in the Sand

One of  my “perfect world” scenarios … grabbing a  beach chair (one with multiple, reclining positions, of course !) … my beach bag with sunscreen options anywhere from 8-30 SPF (depending on how long I’m staying outside and how sunburnt I am  from the day before) … a beautiful  beach  … and people I love … Continue reading

What I Would Say to a New Mom On Mother’s Day

Motherhood. Will. Change. Your. Life. Forever! Read all the parenting books you can get your hands on but read your child as if there are no other books written on the subject. Study their unique blueprint and personality. It took “you and him” to make this “him or her”.  Remember  that … and celebrate the … Continue reading

My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

Debating …pondering …dissecting Scripture ..analyzing the Greek for meaning  …  I may have landed somewhere. I’m simple-minded yet emotionally complex. Knowledge and life experience has  poured into my being over the last 5 decades. I ponder this life and the Creator God and how it is  all woven together in some wild and mysterious fashion. … Continue reading