God and Graffiti

In November of 2011  Roger and I did the most outrageous thing we’ve done to date… we bought a house in the city of Huntsville, Alabama  for $8,900.00 and began the biggest remodel of our lives (and we’ve remodeled every single house we’ve lived in to some degree , so that’s saying a LOT !) .  So while I wonder why God is having us do this at age 50 …when I thought we would be “settling in” somewhere at this point in our lives — the call could not have been more clear to both Roger and me.  And, as God would have it, the restoration in us and in our neighborhood is happening “while” restoring the house (His words to me early in the journey).  We found out that God truly is already here and we’re just joining Him in what He is doing and I couldn’t be more satisfied in all of my life !  My eyes are more open to his heart each day in ways I couldn’t see until moving in to be with people.  While there are so many stories to share , I thought it was ironic that on a day when I celebrated with great joy the completion of the one room in the house that had been the most vadalized (it looked like someone took a couple of gallons of paint and splashed it all around the room — floors, walls, etc — and then painted some random initials on the wall like “B.P. and “W.W.F”), God had me read a blog by Ann Voskamp about looking for signs from God.  There it was…this quote that pierced right into my heart:

“The graffiti can be grace.

What seems a defacement may be a glimpse of His face.

All the writing on the wall could be love notes.”  

(Ann Voskamp, http://www.aholyexperience.com ,

“If  You’ve Been Looking for a Sign”)

And the Holy Spirit did His speaking into my heart — I could almost see the faces of those who may have come in and “painted” their “art” on the wall and how God deeply loves them and wants to move into their hearts. But  this process is not only a hope to the hopeless in this neighborhood but it’s a love note to me as He reveals Himself to me more each day through this process — that ultimately the one who moved here to “give” hope, has been given more hope than could have ever been imagined !  Oh the irony of it all .  There’s an old song we used to sing when I was a little girl, “In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul” and I think, ‘who’s the one being restored here — me or them??’ and I’m pretty sure I know the answer 😉  Oh and by the way, I found out the name of the paint given to us that I used for those walls…”Mustard Seed” (by Benjamin Moore) ! 🙂

Guest bedroom

Before pics of bedroom #2 Doesn’t everyone paint “B.P.” on their walls???


Photo0787Before pics of bedroom #2 Some of this paint was my doing — trying to figure out what color to paint the walls… the purple was already there 🙂

Aaaannd after …


guest bedroom / office

I think this room is finished !!! I’m calling this my “international room”… decorating with my love of Ethiopia , etc.

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