There’s a storm bearing down on the east coast of the United States  and the pressure’s dropping barometrically speaking and rising ’emotionally’ speaking.  Funny how storms come in many shapes and sizes but they all seem to have the same effect …devastation.  There seems to be no way around it in life …we will have trouble — guaranteed.  The question seems to be what we do in the wake of the storm as we wait — wait for it to finally hit …wait through it as it passes over us …wait through the cleanup and restoration process .  Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

I’m sitting  safely in my little place here while watching the Weather Channel’s blow-by-blow account of the location and timing of Hurricane Sandy’s track of sure destruction.  Unsettling! …especially when I have family and friends I love dearly right in the path of the storm.

So what’s a mama to do when watching such impending devastation and her children and grandchildren and loved ones are “at risk”?

I can’t fix it!  I can’t personally stand on the eastern shore, raise my hands  and say , “Stop! Turn around and go out to sea and don’t bother anybody!  …and for sure, don’t you dare touch any of my kids and people I love or you’ll have ME to answer to!”  I want to fix it …to change the course of the wind and rain …to stop any pain from ever happening .

But what I really want to do is BE there!  As odd as it sounds and as void of real power  to “fix it”, I just want to be there.  I want to be with my kids and grandkids and loved ones and huddle in until the storm passes over.  I want to hug them and pray together and read books by candlelight and figure out ways to make things work without power and water and share our food as we eat together in makeshift situations.  I want to play games  and feel the closeness of the community as everyone rallies around each other to help and encourage in the middle of the crisis.

“Being with them” seems the most powerful thing in all the world right now.  

So I pray …I pray hard !  …that praying like “pouring out like water for the lives of your children”-kind-of-praying. I drink more coffee and watch the Weather Channel.  We call and Skype the kids to hear their voices and ask those same questions like, “Do you have water stored up? Car cell phone chargers? Food ready? Candles?”  We already know the answers — it’s just nervous questions. Our kids have weathered storms before — both of  the natural disaster kind and of emotional and physical kind.  But with each one, we hold tightly to each other and weather them together — even if we’re 16 hours away from each other — we try to hold on through phone and internet and cell phone lines — lines we hope hold together through the storm.

Jesus knew this kind of thing would happen.  He actually told us ahead of time and in a way that only He could do, He gave us a personal, visual account revealing the angst and fear that storms can bring on even the strongest of mankind!  He spoke words — yes — but what spoke the loudest in the middle of it all wasn’t His words — it was Jesus, Himself — available and with them!

Even as Jesus was physically taking flight  back to Heaven, He spoke  the most powerful words ever to those watching and already grieving His absence…

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

Never will leave younever will I forsake you.”      (Hebrews 13:5)

It seems this is universally what is needed — someone to be with us …to stand with us when the storm is raging … to hold us as the storm passes over us.  We can’t say “Peace be still!” to the storm but Jesus can so we pray for Him to speak over the power of the storm hold it back or protect us through it .

Then my mind wanders way back in time and I can see my brother , Paul, singing this old spiritual …”Stand By Me” and my Dad sitting in the corner weeping as he listens to these powerful words because they speak deeply into a heart and soul that’s weathered many-a-storm.  And I find myself singing these words this morning while washing the dishes and feeling the emotions rising within me as the waves surge in the Atlantic Ocean.

“Jesus, stand by us today as this storm of life presses in.  Hold us in your hands and shelter us under Your wings.  You already know the outcome but we anxiously wait for relief .  Pour out Your peace when the water relentlessly  pours out from the skies.  Provide shelter for the homeless and those who depend on electricity for medical needs.  Guide to places of safety and community with others.  Give joy and peace even in the middle of it all.

For others going through storms of life that aren’t “of this world”, Jesus please lift Your hand to the storm and say, “Peace! Be still” when all our nerves are raging and our anxious thoughts keep coming like waves beating down on the shore.

We are desperate for You, Jesus!  Hold us while the world shakes and put us on solid ground to enjoy that feast at Your table!

 Jesus — we love You and  cling  to You !    And …thank You!   Thank You for holding my children and grandchildren, especially when I can’t be there to hold them in person. “

When the storms of life are raging, stand by me
When the storms of life are raging, stand by me
When the world is tossing me like a ship upon the sea
Thou who rulest wind and water, stand by me

In the midst of tribulation, stand by me
In the midst of tribulation, stand by me
When the hosts of hell assail and my strength begins to fail
Thou who never lost a battle, stand by me

And in midst of faults and failures, stand by me
In the midst of faults and failures, stand by me
When I do the best I can and my friends misunderstand
Thou who knowest all about me, stand by me

And when I’m growing old and feeble, stand by me
When I’m growing old and feeble, stand by me
When my life becomes a burden and I’m nearing chilly Jordan
O Thou Lily of the Valley, stand by me

Words and music by Charles A. Tindley

6 thoughts on “Storms

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  2. Psalm 91:1-2 (Amplified)He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty[whose power no foe can withstand] I will say of the Lord,He is my refuge and my fortress, my God on Him I lean and rely,and in Him I [confidently] trust! Believing God to cover your family and friends during this time and to give you His peace and comfort in the waiting.


    • Bless you Dianne for adding encouragement from God with all of us… even though you had to do it at least 3 times right?? 🙂 Praising and thanking God for His protection and care for my “babies” in CT. They are all safe and sound !



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