Change …Fresh and Clean

Sometimes things just need to change.  What seemed to be the perfect thing before might not be so perfect  now.  It’s not always a matter of right and wrong, it’s just that seasons change and adjustments need to be made along the way.

This blogging thing has been quite a change for me and one I’m still adjusting to.  I write and delete …a lot !  I rearrange  my side bar like furniture in my living room because I want you to sit down with me as the story is told.  I want you to feel  comfortable and peaceful and literally feel “a little breath of  life in your everyday moments.”

It was time for a change in the living room …something fresh and clean !  Thankfully, WordPress had just the ‘theme’ I was looking for and , wouldn’t  you know it, the name was ‘fresh and clean’ !! 🙂

I’m not sure if there’s any subconscious, psychological reason for the ‘fresh and clean change’ but there’s sure to be a thought moving around with the blog furniture to make room for a bigger conversation.

Nothing good ever comes without change,  you know.  If a seed stayed the same, we’d never see beautiful flowers  or have healthy vegetables to eat.  If a  mama stayed pregnant without ever giving birth — well, I don’t think any of us ever want to see that happen.

But without getting all spiritual on you right now, I just wanted those of you who might happen to  sit down with me for a story or two here and there to know  … it’s still “A Life-Giving Moment”  — just with a new look …a little  change — a fresh and clean change to be exact . 🙂

So what used to look like this … (without the fawn, etc. 🙂 )

Now looks …well, like what you see  😉

I’m able to use my own personal pictures in the header (thanks WordPress!) and adjust to the “seasons” if I want to.

So take the plunge and make some changes today …some ‘fresh and clean’ changes that bring life to your soul and a fresh breath of air  to your space.  Let me know what great inspiration you came up with  and join me for more stories of God’s life-giving moments along the way.


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