For the times you feel like you’re ” used up, faded, and … have no purpose”  — here’s encouragement from one of my dearest friends in all the world who has sewn so much into my life since we were crazy kids in college. She enjoys a simple life in the mountains of Tennessee, but has experienced anything but simple in her life.  From those places of deep impact, she is a well of real-life wisdom, love and compassion for all of us .  I think you’ll really enjoy  her  🙂 !

Let me introduce you to my sweet friend, Wendy Booth, my guest post for today and one of God’s special gifts woven into my life.

They were just old rags, worn out dish towels. Used up, faded, no longer of any use to the owner. So discarded, but not trashed, donated for some poor soul.


Today I went looking for something I could turn into a treasure. Pickings seemed slim, but then I saw them, Colorful dish towels, Happy towels, they made me think of a friend. ( she might even know who she is when she sees them. ) They made me smile. I picked them up, surveyed the product, only slightly worn, a little unloved, but potential. What POTENTIAL! So they came home with me. A good washing and the transformation would begin. Two of them would remain just what they were, dish towels, with a different purpose. No longer to dry dishes, but to cover and protect bread rising. Just the perfect weight and texture. The other four would be cut, trimmed, ironed, folded and creased to make napkins. A totally different look and purpose.



Isn’t this the story of my life, especially since I have now hit the big 50. To be honest, I am a wee bit over that. I feel a little used up, faded, and sometimes feeling I have no purpose. ( my kids are grown- need I say more) But today as I repurposed those towels, and made something I loved, I am reminded that my Heavenly Father does the same with me. He doesn’t waste what I feel is used up by discarding it. He doesn’t discard me for a new model, a brighter or different color. No,He works with His hands, His Word and His other loved ones. He uses all those things to mold and shape me for the new mission He has in my life. Now I am not really sure what that is, as I feel I am still on the ironing board, being folded, creased and pressed into the shape He wants for me. But I can surrender to that, because I know in the end, the product I will be. One loved and adored by my Creator, just perfect. (like my napkins. )



Wendy — at her home in Tennessee


Story and Photos by Wendy Booth, 2013


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