An Open Door

This space has been sitting quietly for awhile…like a guest bedroom.  The door would open every now  and then long enough to  update the pictures on the wall,  dust off a few things here and there, and check to see if any mail had arrived .  Too much of life in between  tends to close some doors until further notice.

Life is like that …seasons.   The decor color changes from bright sunny beaches of summer to rust-colored fall …to deep reds of winter and lilac-colored spring .  We breathe in the smells of each season and warm our hearts by the light of the sun or beside crackling fires in winter’s chill.

This is now.  Whatever season it is, this is where we are.  There are joys & sorrows, frustrations & happiness, fears & excitement,  coming & going,  gaining & losing.  For today– we will rest in God’s presence … finding our joy in Him. He really is enough.




















*Psalm 16:6 (New International Version)

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