When It’s Time to Put Away the Christmas Decorations

In our house, here’s how it happens just about every year …

Christmas decorations and Christmas music have full approval the minute the Thanksgiving turkey has been gobbled up and appropriate naps have taken place.  After that, the house is officially in “Christmas Mode” inside and out without any questions or pondering.   Every room in the house gets a little Christmas spirit makeover and lights are twinkling everywhere …until January 1st.  wp-1451757783569.jpegIt’s at this time, however, that the pondering and wondering heart(s) begin the process of …”Who’s going to be the Grinch and take down Christmas”.

It’s a grieving process– in a way– and yet one that weighs heavily over your head like mistletoe made of cement.  Who would ever want to “call Christmas off” and declare it “over”, right!

Here’s what happens next …

I try taking down just a few things — leaving the main Christmas tree in all its glory.   ( There’s the tree on the front porch as well but we know that’s not coming down until at least March so we don’t even go there. — #husbandstree #blinkinglights #bestTreeinthehouse #coloredlights  #lovedbyalltheneighbors — you get the idea!

After taking down the stockings, the wreaths, and putting away the snowman dishes and centerpieces, there’s a feeling of accomplishment …lasting for about a day  few hours or so in reality.   It’s then that the cement mistletoe begins to slowly slide from its proud nest above  and rest  heavily on my shoulders.  It seems in the twinkling of an eye …there’s so much stuff! wp-1451757741553.jpegIt’s at this point I suddenly have the urge to get rid of everything  …never to see it again. (For real…well almost.  Real  feelings for sure !)  How does something that brings such joy when putting it up …quickly bring you down into the depths of deepest despair just a few short days or weeks later!  How can such “Joy to the World” turn into “Sadness all around the Universe” ?  What is the answer that doesn’t include “don’t-ever-decorate-for-Christmas-ever-ever-again-in-your-whole-life…ever!” ?

Then I wondered, as I wandered … how on earth one navigates one’s way back down this emotional Mountain  when … what to my wondering eyes should appear …”HAPPY NEW YEAR” DECORATIONS !!!


(*Credit:  I found   “The Best Is Yet To Come”  printable HERE  and “Celebrate the New Year” subway art HERE )

Life is full of seasons that come and go.  Enjoying each season to its fullest  is a motto I’ve clung to for a while but  embracing the new season is becoming another motto worth holding on to as well!  I have no idea what this season will hold but I do know that if I hold on too tightly to the last one,  change will come but it will most likely come like the pulling of teeth without anesthesia !

As far as Christmas goes …The true meaning of Christmas will live in my heart forever because Jesus –the baby born on Christmas day–lives in me and is Life to me  — not just a season.  The emotional and seasonal mountain tops and valleys   I experience will absolutely come and go but as my Mama always says, “The Best is Yet to Come” and  with that, I’ll “Go tell it on the mountain!”

And here are some words of Jesus worth holding on to in any season of change …

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.








3 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Put Away the Christmas Decorations

  1. I love this! Before we took our tree down, each night I’d beg my husband not to turn the lights off before I went upstairs. Even though the house feels less cluttered with the tree out, I relate to the sadness of letting that season go. But I love that verse and the embracing the new season motto…a good word for me. 🙂 Thanks!


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