Encouragement, Faith


Watching the water move down the creek, my heart is moved to tell you this…

The year began with a word — move — with thoughts like these coming to mind…Move forward.  Move toward. Move on. Move over. Get moving.

Sometime you hear a word and it takes time to understand the full meaning.  The Holy Spirit has a way of moving His thoughts through us in ways that seem like a meandering stream that eventually open up into a river of understanding.

The experts at dictionary.com  give these thoughts to describe “move” —to change from one place or position to another” …”to advance or progress”…”to have a regular motion, as an implement or a machine; turn; revolve”…”an action toward an objective or goal; step.”

And the meandering thoughts seem to open up into clearer understanding.  Keep moving forward.  Keep stepping into freedom and wholeness.  Keep walking toward emotional  and spiritual healing.  Move from a position of fear and insecurity to a place of peace and courage.  Move from wounded to whole.  Move from abandoned to cherished.

And as I walked earlier that day, hadn’t there been a heart-shaped hole in the sidewalk…as if it had been engraved there just for me…God showing His love everywhere?!  Look.  Pay attention. Move toward His heart …His love…His healing …His grace …His peace …His acceptance …His arms to hold us.   wp-1485619256242.jpg

But the reality is, moving is hard.   It takes courage to step forward.  There are uncertainties …anxieties …unknowns …feelings of inability to embrace change.  And I look at the water’s edge…


Roots can be a solid anchor or a place to trip over  as we move along.  Understanding our roots of family and background can bring freedom if we see them in light of the river beyond.  The picture is much broader and is only a part of the whole journey.  Remember, roots  continue to dig deeper and move outward as well …always seeking water and nutrients for further growth.

And I looked at the water again…upstream– still, calm, serene…downstream– rapids, rushing, flowing.  It’s very tempting to stay on the calm side–digging in to keep from going through the rapids–but is still always the best?  Will being still get us to the open space of freedom?  Water that is left stagnant too long can become unhealthy, right?


Often it’s overwhelming to think of moving through the rocks that have built a dam.  It’s terrifying and too hard to imagine the thought of trying to remove them for safe passage.  But what if it just took picking up one little rock, writing “forgiven” on it, and skipping it down the river.  What if picking up another one and writing, “loved by God”,  “accepted”, or “never abandoned”  was the exact stone that allowed the healing to break through.

We are never alone.  You are never alone.  God is always with us.   God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1 (KJV)   He is with us right now–whatever the trouble or confusion or uncertainty or anxiety.

Take courage  with me with this thought …

I know the Lord is always with me.  I will not be shaken for He is right beside me.

Psalm 16:8 (NLT)

With the help of our Merciful and Mighty God, let’s pick up one rock today. Let the water and the wind of His presence rush through and break a barrier allowing the flow of the Holy Spirit to carry us to the open spaces of freedom and peace.

I’m moving forward, speaking, “God will take care of me. This is God’s responsibility.  He can handle it.  He is ever present to help through whatever situation may come.  He’s been with me all along.  He will never leave me.”

Always remember, you’re not alone.  Even in writing this, I needed help to get through an anxious thought. Thank God for picking me up and carrying me through.   Holy Spirit,  continue to move me to Your healing stream.


*Water photos and video taken at Indian Creek Greenway, Huntsville, Alabama


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