Let’s Say Grace

I’m not sure how it started –“Let’s say grace”–but most of us know what it means.

Can’t  you  see your family and friends gathered around a table …bowls and  platters heaped with delicious food  …the smell of home-cooked-goodness filling the air …all calling you to come and eat!?!

Saying “grace” brings everyone  to a place for pause.  It’s a time to hold each other’s hands … thank God for His blessings … remember His abundant grace in giving food to eat and the joy of sharing it with loved ones around the table. It’s the, “God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food,” from my childhood days.

Five years ago this month –May 24, 2012 — the first blog post was served up on this on-line  table called a life-giving moment  by one very scared host.  As the “blogiversary” rolled around, it seemed appropriate to have a little coming-to-the-table moment {online} to “say grace”.

I never thought my cooking skills stacked up very well against the prolific word-chefs out there but I couldn’t resist the strong nudge from the Holy Spirit  to Write for Hope.    Since it seemed there was no other option than to step out and obey,  the first blog post was served up — insecurities and all.  The work  in my Father’s business continued.

In Star Wars fashion, I dished up a season finale’ and worked my way forward.  Since then, the menu has included — family transitions and transplants, joy and sorrow, life and death , Lent and burning bushes, a trail of bread crumbs, and a lot of side dishes in between.   There have been thousands of words.  Some necessary.  Some …not so much! It’s  been  a messy mix …seasoned with real …with a heavy dose  of   ” …’s.”  (Why can’t I write without those things!!??)

In the last 5 years, “Anxiety” and “Jesus” stand out among the all-time top tags/categories.  That gives you a good snap shot of my journey. Thankfully, Jesus is tagged more  than anxiety  and that, my friend,  gives me hope!

I can’t begin to understand the mind of God in using the weakest part  to bring grace  and encouragement to others but in the words of  Babbie Mason and Eddie Carswell,  “When you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.”

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

Masterpiece?  It’s beyond my imagination but evidently not beyond His …

Ephesians 3:20 (NLT)

So … if you’ll join hands with me around this table, I’d like to “say grace” and thank God for all of His wild grace over here.

I thank God for all of you who read these words and share your life-giving stories with me as well.   You have offered grace in my life that has encouraged me to keep writing it all out.  I’m often overwhelmed by your responses.   Please know this …you make a difference out there in more ways that you can imagine. You  keep the conversation going. You help me see another perspective. I learn from you!  Your words matter.

I also want to offer humble thanks to my Heavenly Father — the giver of all Life! He’s  given me an enormous amount of grace — “more than I deserve,” as my neighbor-friend, Ron,  so often says .

I’m humbled when He speaks to me. I’m even more humbled when He prompts me to share those vulnerable, intimate moments with you in a way that might possibly encourage or connect.  I don’t understand it all.  I just lean into Him … trusting Him as I tap out these words.

Grace. God’s grace.

But Mama always said, “The best is yet to come” and that makes me think of dessert …so I’d be so grateful if  you’d add a big scoop of whipped cream on this grace and pray for me.  Pray that I’ll listen closely to the Holy Spirit as He whispers His words in my ear  so encouraging meals will continue to be served up here for as long as God gives opportunity.

There’s new growth coming.

Trusting His heart as I seek to trace His hand…

With love and gratitude from my heart to your’s, thank you so much ~ Joy

“May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.”

Romans 1:7 (NLT)


**Yummy dessert served up by my niece,  Pam Waters.  Thanks for sharing your gift Pam!!}

**Photo of our grandson, David Zeke –using Canva to edit with verse overlay.

Now my friend …what’s the Holy Spirit prompting in you?  I’ll be praying for you as you serve up His grace to others in the way He created you to do.
Response to the Daily Prompt:  Trace 


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