Finding Life { A 30-Day Challenge for June 2017 }

It seems to be a season of anniversaries.  May ushered in the anniversary of  a life-giving moment  and June holds several  place-cards for  significant life-moments for me as well.

It’s a mix of life and loss.  Life always is.

June 9th will resurface the memory –one year ago– that I watched my mama take her last breath.  June 10th will be a day to celebrate her birthday as she watches from heaven.  Loss.

The mix continues with one daughter’s published book anniversary,  another daughter’s wedding anniversary and the birthday of our oldest grandchild.   Life.

Life. Loss. Life…  The rhythm of weaving  back and forth continues.  It weaves  together like multi-colored threads to make a deeper, richer, fabric from which we warm others with our comfort and encouragement.

I began to think about how I could take the deeply colored thread of loss  from last year and weave it into life …hope …thanks …praise.  What would that look like?  How could I hold myself accountable to be intentional about that every day? Would it be possible to  take that empty hole that death has left and fill it with life?  Instead of the month of June looming before me like a cloud of darkness, what would it look like to look for the sunshine after the rain?

My thinking turned to pondering and the pondering turned to …well, sharing thoughts here.  I thought it’d be life-giving to turn the entire month of June into a 30-day Challenge to find life …look for life in the every day moments …write about it …share it in conversation …take pictures to remember the moment.

Near the end of each day, I’ll post a photo, verse, quote,  simple observation, or praise from the day that reminds me of life.  Posting here will be my own personal challenge (and let’s be honest–therapy) because it means I’ll have to actively look for life every single day in order to have anything to share  with you.  And being intentional to seek and find life almost always pours out in thanks to the giver of all life — Jesus Christ.

Here’s where you come in …

If you’d like to take the 30-day Challenge of finding life with me, join right in on the conversation.  It’s simple. It’s not limited.  Start paying attention to your surroundings every day.  Look for life-giving moments 🙂 .  Look for things or people or places that bring life to your little heart!  Share them in the comments below or with someone you love.

Here’s some ideas to get you started …

  • Wherever you are, look around you.  What do you see?  What brings joy? Life? Fragrance? Beauty?
  • Watch the  faces of people.  What makes them smile?  What makes you smile as you watch them?
  • Take walks and notice the flowers budding …the way the grass leans to one side …the way the rocks make  sounds beneath your feet as you walk along the path.  See what nature has to tell you about life!
  • Snap photos!!!  Share them somewhere with a note about the “life-giving-thought” you were trying to capture.
  • Read good words for your soul…share something from that quiet space.
  • Stop at the end of every day and thank God for His gifts of love for you throughout the day.

Since this is a daily challenge, you’ll be happy to know my posts will be very simple and short !! (Whew! Big sigh of relief!)   Now that the intro is over…

Here’s what brought  life to me today …

Sharing blogging dreams  and family joys with a friend –who has already published her first book and blogs at God’s Lemonade Stand …

The kneeling bench at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens that reminds me to stop and pray for those who are struggling with cancer …especially my sister-in-law, Kay — going through the hardest part of her chemo treatment this week …

Seeing the blooms and new growth of  flowers at the gardens as I #walkitoutwithJesus …

Thank you Father for giving life all around us.  I can get so tied up in anxiety and stress that I miss it sometimes …looking past it to the problem and the pain.  Enlarge my heart of thanks.  Fill any void and loneliness with praise and thanksgiving for the life You give.  Thank you for showing me Your presence fills the earth and can surely fill any hole in my heart as well.  Thank You for promising me years ago that You always give life after death.  In the name of Jesus I pray~Amen




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