Weeds and Wonders { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

Today had simple goodness…

This morning’s #walkingitoutwithJesus took me down the streets of my own neighborhood.  My neighborhood is not typically known for manicured lawns or botanical-garden-style flower beds; however, there is so much beauty in this neighborhood.  Beauty beyond what many notice.

As I came around the corner and started up another street, I noticed a tree with  intriguing, wispy, pinkish flowers. Since I’m no expert …I texted one. Beth — my field horticulturist!

“Can you tell me what kind of tree this is …” (picture included, of course!)

“…mimosa tree for sure!  …By the way, Mimosa trees are … considered invasive weeds but I have so many childhood memories of climbing them and collecting the “beans” from them and stripping the leaves so it’s hard for me to view it as a weed.”

And from the all-knowing internet– one source used the words, “weedy invasion” …while another one noted some horticulturist’s view  it as an ” ecological threat“.  Southern Living’s article, “The Wonderful, Awful Weed” gives another idea of the diverse opinions about this tree.  (See Sources for Fun Facts below.)

But one thing seemed to emerge…as a climbing tree along with memories of its fragrance and “beans”, it seemed to be a childhood favorite for many.  I’m choosing to look through a child’s eyes on this one.  I love it!

The fascinating, hairy-like pink blossoms  against the blue sky  brought life to me today.

Beauty …in the eye of the beholder!

Unfortunately, labels like “weedy, invasive, and threatening” aren’t just attached to plants.   Honestly, certain labels have probably kept people from wanting to walk in my neighborhood.  This week my  husband wrote a great post about that.  While the issue is a hard one, having honest conversation  about it brought life to me this week.  You can read more about that over at moreconversationsthatmatter.com .  Life.

A little more …

My friend, Bernice, commented on yesterday’s post about the benefits of technology.  She and I have grandkids that live far away.  Having the ability to use Skype or Facebook video is a gift for us Nanas and Papas.  To interact with our family  in everyday life — even if through pixels on a  screen — brings me joy.  I’d rather whine and pout  about how sad it is for me that my kids and grands live so far away.  I’d rather tell you my sob story and how much suffering this brings to my heart.  Today I chose to be grateful for technology that lets us “reach out and touch someone” in the best way we can.  Life.

On a side note, our youngest son and his friend have been driving cross-country  for almost a week. Yesterday they arrived in Montana to be with our oldest son and his family (2 of them pictured above).  It was a screen-saver-moment to see him there with the others and know he had safely arrived.  Life.  

I can choose to worry about these kids of our’s but being grateful for the moments made for a better day.  I’m trusting God to take care of us all.  I may not understand His ways but I’m still trusting Him with all my heart.  Life.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
    do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek his will in all you do,
    and he will show you which path to take.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)

Grab your journal …write down your life-giving moments from today.  I’m sure something will come to you.  You’re welcome to share it here as well. That brings life to many of us!

Fun Facts and Resource Credit about the Mimosa Tree:




4 thoughts on “Weeds and Wonders { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

  1. Beautiful Joy….. thank you for always bringing out the best in every situation…. I found life…….so encouraging.

    So often we speak negative, death words, over ourselves but today because of your awesome challenge, I choose to speak life over myself and all those around me….

    One of my favourite verses is Debut 30:19 Choose LIFE

    Jesus is Life ….. I found life…



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