Conversations and Coffee …a Turtle and the Truth {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

Don’t laugh …I’m getting more and more creative with alliterations for the titles of  these 30-Day Challenge posts!  It gives me something good to think about.  Life!

Today was unusually pleasant in the warm state of Alabama…sunny but not scorching …breezy but not blustery.  There I go again …alliterations.  It’s the problem of being raised a preacher’s kid and then marrying a pastor.  I can’t help myself!

Less humidity made for a comfortable morning on the front porch with my ramblin’ man husband.  The coffee and breeze and front porch rockers inspired  good conversation.  I love this guy of mine and he sure brings life to my soul on a regular basis.  God is gracious to give us life together.   Life.

I can’t believe I haven’t brought up coffee in this 30-Day Challenge but to make up for it, I’m  sharing {virtually} a beautiful  latte and a slice of paleo-friendly bread with you from Alchemy Lounge ( located at Lowe Mill, Huntsville, Alabama). Coffee  makes for great conversation around the table or creates a quiet moment to read and reflect on life-giving words.  My friends, John and Candace,  have done a great job creating a space over there.  It inspires me…stirs up creativity…makes room in my heart to breathe.  Life.  

This gorgeous day in Alabama also lured me to the Gardens*  While I have oodles of pictures I could share that captured the Creator’s handiwork, this one made me smile … Life!

Now about that Truth thing I need to talk about …

A simple conversation from days ago triggered anxious thoughts.  Surely something awful was wrong with my organically grown romaine lettuce in our garden.  During one of my usual “lunch-portion-picking,” I noticed a milky white substance oozing out of the stems as I broke off the leaves.  Yikes!  Carcinogens? Toxic?  Poison?  My imagination was running wild again.  Called my daughter …she said it’s fine.  Not fully satisfied, I used my phone-a-friend card to my horticulturalist-friend, Beth.  She graciously told me it was okay to eat and then did the next best thing …sent me a link with the information.  Turns out, it’s “completely harmless” according to the people at .  Thanks guys!  Thanks Beth!  Life!

More truth …

“Can there be something in life that has power over us which little by little causes us to forget all that is good? …If this can ever be, then one must look for a cure against it. Praise be to God that such a cure exists – to quietly make a decision. A decision joins us to the eternal. It brings what is eternal into time. …A decision breaks the long row of weary thoughts.”

Søren Kierkegaard — Source:  Provocations
(from — The Daily Dig for June 7th) 

How often have I had “a long row of weary thoughts” that plowed deep into my mind producing a harvest of anxiety. May God have mercy!

And God has had mercy on me and has sown more seeds of truth in my heart today.  While sipping my latte this afternoon, I read more from Henri Nouwen’s book, The Inner Voice of Love — A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom .  Life!

“…the victory is already won.  It is the victory of Jesus, who has called you.  He overcame for you the power of death so that you could live in freedom. …Your soul knows about the victory, but your mind and emotions have not fully accepted it.  …Trust the victory and let your mind and emotions gradually be converted to the truth.  You will experience new joy and new peace as you let that truth reach every part of your being.”

Henri Nouwen
from The Inner Voice of Love — A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom
(An Image Book, Published by Doubleday)

May God use this to bring life to you today.  How’s the 30-day challenge to find life going?  Any new sprouts?  Consider sharing in the comments below …

Links to bring a little more life to your day:

For a good laugh at the end of your day, our daughter, Carrye Burr, wrote a hilarious post about “How (Not) To Paint a Room” .  Of course, I had to share it with you! 🙂

Enjoy more life with a cup of coffee, a good friend or a good book at Alchemy Lounge in Lowe Mill,  Huntsville, Alabama.

*Also, be sure to visit the Huntsville Botanical Gardens if you’re ever in the area.  It’s full of LIFE!

And last, but not least, you can read all about that white stuff in romaine lettuce HERE .

{{ All this networking !!  Whew! Thanks for reading! Keep looking …keep noticing LIFE. Share your stories. }}

#Day 7 — Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge

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