Sisters {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

Linda turned 17  two months before I was born.  She and I are the only 2 girls with 5 brothers sandwiched in between.  My earliest memories as a child center more around my sister than my own mama.  I’m pretty sure she was glad to finally have another girl in the house even if there was a huge age gap.  Sisters.  Life!


Almost like a second mom, she threw me the only birthday party I remember as a child.  I think I was 3.  I still remember the  little cake …white icing with ribbons of chocolate lining the top and wavy lines running through it all.

Linda made a dress for me, took me to get my little girl haircut and wanted me to be the flower girl in her wedding.  I still have the lace basket for the rose petals that I carried  down the aisle.  I was afraid to drop any of the roses on the church floor for some reason.  And now the rest of my life makes a little more sense 😉 I was 5.

After she got married, Linda and her husband, Dennis, moved on to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Our time together consisted of staying a week with her in the summer and holidays at Mama and Daddy’s.  We didn’t have a lot in common in those days other than our love for playing the piano and singing and our general family likeness.

Getting married and having my own children began to bring us closer together again.  Children have a way of doing that.  Sharing the stories of birth and babies bond you like none other.  Life!

As God would have it, we both became “preacher’s wives” just like mama.  The three of us would always have that deep connection and understanding with life in ministry.  We could talk to each other about things we couldn’t share with anyone else.  There’s comfort in that.  I knew there was an understanding heart even if our stories and situations weren’t exactly the same.

Our personalities are different and we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything  but we love each other deeply and we sing our way through to that common ground.  Life!

Her love language is sending special gifts and I do believe Linda sends the best care packages of anybody else I know. My husband and I had moved to Massachusetts to start a new church.  I was 3 or 4 months pregnant and my husband didn’t have a job.  Linda sent a huge box of toiletries and a child-sized desk–along with a good-sized check from her generous-hearted husband.

And more recently …

My new-to-me-used front loader washer had some odor and mildew issues on the rubber seal.  (I guess that’s a thing with those machines!)  She had just the answer for me.  Only a sister would send a care package like this …

Her prayers have gotten me through many anxious days in ministry, uncertainties in parenting and health issues, and more recently, the grieving process after mama died.  We needed each other all along.  We need each other even more now.  Sisters.  Life!

She and I both loved our Mama for dear life!   Linda always sent the best flowers,cards and care packages.  My role was to be the one with boots on by Mama’s side and fill her in on the ups and downs along the way.  Linda always helped me make sense of what was happening since she had gone through the loss of her own daughter and husband years before.    Perspective is life-giving.  The bigger picture brought light at the end of my tunnel many-a-dark-nights.

God has given us a connection in these last few years in ways He knew we would need to get us through this new season.  Sisters are good for that.  Life!

Today ,thoughts of my sister brought joy and life.

And to Linda Gail …Since we’re in front of the Beginner Sunday School Class sign, I guess that means, “The Best is Yet to Come!”  I love you sis!

Day15 ~ Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge

Today’s Challenge:  Who are you thankful for that brings life to you?  Be sure and tell them.

5 thoughts on “Sisters {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

  1. Ah Joy, I am so enjoying getting to know you thro these awesome, beautifully written stories of your life. Feeling quite overwhelmed after reading today’s account….thank you for touching my heart…. love and blessings to you and Roger. Love having you both as leaders in our church. ❤️❤️❤️ You bring life to all who know you. 🎹🎤

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    • Thank you Bernice. I love hearing your heart in your responses as well. You and I have a sweet understanding of each other. Love you dearly and sm so thankful for you. God was gracious to bring you and John here. We are the blessed ones.


  2. Joy, I love this on sisters for life. Thanks for sharing. You’re girls are a blessing. It was your sister, Linda, that helped open the door in coming to Lauren’s, SC. I learned so much from your mama and her family.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love you ,

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