Where Do I Start? {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

The conversation from yesterday’s post continued today.  A friend and I talked about the injustice we see in our country …the oppression of the poor …the political climate …the documentary, 13th…strong opinions…bitter ranting…lack of diversity in many churches.

The issues  are  so widespread and  so overwhelming that inevitably the question has to surface — “Where do I start?”

I don’t have all the answers but there are a few things that have surfaced from living 5 years in an under-resourced, low-income neighborhood.  It’s a more simple, organic approach to finding that elusive place to begin …but it’s a start.

When I had heavy worries on my mind, my Mama used to tell me to “pray the prayer of committal.”  Then she would take me to  Psalm 37:5 .    She told me to commit whatever the situation was to God and leave it there.  He would be gracious to help and take care of everything in the way He knew was best.

I read it again in my Bible this morning …“Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust him, and he will help you.” {Psalm 37:5 NLT}   Life!

Today, I told my friend the same thing in so many words.

Pray about it.  Commit the situation into God’s loving, all-powerful hands.  Talk to Him about everything …every detail of your day .  Lay your agenda before Him.  Ask Him to show you where to go for a walk today.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as to where to shop today …what library to visit.

If the poor matter to God, wouldn’t it make sense that it would matter enough to Him to show you where you might connect with them?

Let the Spirit guide you through  the ordinary of  life …through the every-day events.  Adjust to His leading. Shop on the other side of town if necessary.  Consider getting your library books from the branch on the other side of the tracks today.  Life!

As He answers that prayer, don’t think about the massive weight of the entire community …focus on the hand-full of people He’s put in your path today.  Consider being with people on a regular basis who are different from you  in color or background .  Invite them over for dinner.  Accept their invitation to dinner.  Let these times of being together build not only relationships but true friendships.  

The phrase, “build relationships” is good but lacking.  You can go in and out of relationships but friendships are meant to be lasting.  Stay in.  Make friends.

You might just find what I have found to be true …these friendships will save your life if you let them.  Life!

Listen.  Listen to their stories and let them hear your’s.  Be honest about your assumptions and preconceived ideas. Most already know them anyway. Allow space for everyone to be real.

We all have stereotypes.  They will continue to keep playing the same song until we play them on someone else’s stereo.  

Family history that has been personally experienced  is worth volumes more than any textbook could ever tell you. No one will ever know the real narrative until there’s diversity around the table.  Be teachable.  Be open.  Listen to their history, share your own and together re-write the narrative in real-time.  Life!

It’s in these friendships the questions will begin to be answered…  Where do I start?  What am I supposed to do? Who needs help?

The truth is, you need help …I need help …we all need help.  Isn’t it in the linking of  arms with others that all of us become stronger!  Life!

This is only the beginning.  There’s always more.  God will help us.

Keep the conversation going.  Share how you have found life in walking out the love of Jesus with others.

“Most people are worth knowing, if you will take time to understand them. Unfamiliarity with other people, ignorance of other people, is what makes war possible and violence possible, and it drives all the social divisions in a school or in a town, nation, or world.”

Doris “Granny D” Haddock

from Plough’s Daily Dig, June 20, 2017
Source: Granny D: Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year

#Day20 ~ Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge


4 thoughts on “Where Do I Start? {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

  1. This was perfect for me for this very moment and season. I’ve had so many of those thoughts…not knowing where to start…and I love Memaw’s message of “committal”- that should be at the root of everything. Thanks for painting such a simple, practical way to walk forward with the Spirit and with those God wants us to shape and be shaped by.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Believe me…I understand, Beth. This has been a way to start that’s proved very helpful in the long run but it takes patience with the process and staying in the story. It’s not always easy and it can get messy but it’s been worth it. Thank YOU for walking in this as well.


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