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Every Heart Has a Message…

I wonder how long it took for this heart to be hollowed out in this log?  How long does love take to deepen like this?  What did it take to carve through the hardened timber?  Was it a storm that caused it to fall?  Did life eat away at the core?  Who could carve in such… Continue reading Every Heart Has a Message…

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A “Sermon on the Couch” from a Homeless Friend {More Stories From Our Front Porch}

It was a cold, April morning and I had barely opened my eyes when I heard an obnoxious knock on the door around 6:45 a.m.  It was a homeless friend of our's.   I had set my alarm for an early rise to prepare for a Bible lesson to be shared later that day.  I didn't… Continue reading A “Sermon on the Couch” from a Homeless Friend {More Stories From Our Front Porch}

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When You Experience a Lenten Fail

It's the fifth Sunday of the Lenten season.  I see the  Lenten Roses bow their heads by our cobblestone walkway.  I love this season.  It's one of my all-time favorites of the spiritual seasons on the calendar.  I talk  a big talk  of repentance, renewal, refreshing and a reset.  But the truth is, I don't… Continue reading When You Experience a Lenten Fail

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A Time to Remember { The First Sunday of Lent }

I wash my hands a lot!  I'm getting better but it's almost as if I feel the need to cleanse myself after "whatever it was" I was doing and prepare myself for the "whatever it is" I'm going to do next.  Cleanse from any contaminants...filth.  Wash the dirt.  Preparing to arrive at the next activity in… Continue reading A Time to Remember { The First Sunday of Lent }

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When It’s Hard to Thank God

I wasn't really mad at God or anything.  I just pouted a lot.  You know ...that poochy, pouty face a kid makes when they reluctantly obey but really, really would rather do what they want to do! God had nudged my husband to pack up and move from a rural area in the northeast to… Continue reading When It’s Hard to Thank God


Refreshing in the Deep Places

We had an unusual snow in Alabama!  A dusting that cleared the streets of most moving vehicles and most likely cleared the shelves in Walmart of bread and milk!   I bundled up  to take a beautiful walk in the sunshine during a warmer part of the day--  bringing back memories  of my walks in New… Continue reading Refreshing in the Deep Places


Longing for a Perfect World

I broke something the other night.  My peace shattered. You see, it seems I notice everything and with that, I'm laser-focused on anything that might be remotely harmful to anyone.  Our grands are coming in next week and a broken glass episode is one of my worst nightmares.  Well, actually, I have several but this… Continue reading Longing for a Perfect World