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When You Need a Life Coach

I think we're still asking each other, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Early years of "growing up" turned into "growing up" in marriage and nurturing children then sprouted on to life-ministry, relationships, and work.  Looks like I've been "growing up" for over 50 years now. As our children left the… Continue reading When You Need a Life Coach

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Thin Places

"The Bible contains stories about thin places, or moments where God breaks through heaven and reveals Himself on earth. Some of the most beloved Bible stories record moments of finding peace in God’s presence in thin places." Bruce Rhodes ("Peace in Thin Places,"  an article for CCDA) There are moments in life that take your breath away… Continue reading Thin Places

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Groundhog Day and Your One Word for the New Year

The calendar has flipped the page to February and most have stopped talking about their "one word" for the new year.  The news has moved on to the groundhog's annual day of predicting how much more winter we'll have ...which only makes me think of Groundhog Day -- the movie. If you haven't seen it,… Continue reading Groundhog Day and Your One Word for the New Year

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On Walls and Shutdowns || Looking for Answers in the Wind

January winds blew in with memories of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his call to unity and equality for all. He gave his life for that dream and that dream lives on. In the last few weeks, winds have blown from Civil Rights to Walls to Shutdowns.  As leaders faced off in our government over… Continue reading On Walls and Shutdowns || Looking for Answers in the Wind

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Outside the Wall

The mere mention of the word "wall" evokes much emotion these days. Sitting with an older gentlemen as I waited to get an ultrasound of my neck brought up another emotion I hadn't thought of.  In his life-time, talk of a "wall" resurrects thoughts of the Berlin Wall.  Communism.  Division.  Dictatorship.  Strife.  Separation inside the… Continue reading Outside the Wall

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What To Do With That New Word for This New Year

It's been a thing for a while now ...getting your "word" for the New Year.  I love hearing the word others have felt led to move toward or embrace as their own mantra for the coming year.  I've read on-line author/bloggers post about their word as well as personal friends of mine share their "revealed"… Continue reading What To Do With That New Word for This New Year

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12 Things I Learned in 2018

2018 has continued to be a season of transition with a hefty mix of joy and sorrow. I'm still learning. Still growing. Still trusting God's mercy for the past and relying on His Spirit to light up each day forward. Often a quick look in the rear view mirror can give wisdom for the road… Continue reading 12 Things I Learned in 2018