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How to Be a Moon and Reflect God’s Light When You’re Partly Wrong

Pardon me, but I'm over-the-moon-excited to share this post with you today.  I may be partly wrong, but I think I have the best family in all the world.  Okay, okay ...enough with the puns but I couldn't help myself. One of my favorite things in all the world is to network.  My friend says… Continue reading How to Be a Moon and Reflect God’s Light When You’re Partly Wrong

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Sunday Mornings

It's another Sunday and it still  feels weird.  My church family decided to change our weekly meeting time to Wednesday nights.  Sunday mornings are now free. At first I welcomed the rest.  The truth is, I had become "church exhausted" from so many emotional losses experienced this past year but I realized there is now a… Continue reading Sunday Mornings

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A Bump in the Road {Frustrations in the Middle}

I think I hit a bump in the road this week. The journey continues.  The road seems long.  The end is ...well, I'm not sure!  Heaven--sure; but earth ...that's another story.  Earth bound trains leave me in frustrated stations.  Destinations unknown. It seems people continue to be mean and ornery and don't do what I… Continue reading A Bump in the Road {Frustrations in the Middle}

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Some Thoughts from the Morning of Surgery

They told me to arrive by 8:30 a.m. with surgery scheduled to follow around 10:30.  No food or drink after midnight as if it might be your last good meal!  No morning coffee...ughhhh.  Sticky note reminder on the counter.  Medicine restrictions a week before and three weeks after surgery. Typically, as soon as my feet… Continue reading Some Thoughts from the Morning of Surgery

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Miracles in the Middle

I'm beginning to believe I'm part wimp / part warrior. Sitting in the oncologist's office last week,  I confessed my full-on fear of the radioactive iodine treatment commonly used to treat thyroid cancer patients.  In the same breath, I confidently proclaimed I'd be happy to stand up in front of a thousand people and tell… Continue reading Miracles in the Middle

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When You’re Somewhere Between Your Hope and Your Healing

I got the word  that it's back...thyroid cancer.  Found the little knot on my neck while I was on vacation this summer and the waves were set in motion.  Only this time it's been different. Five years ago I found another lump on my neck to match the one they had been watching  for several… Continue reading When You’re Somewhere Between Your Hope and Your Healing

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When You Need a Breakthrough

I had a dream ... This particular dream involved a lady humbly praying as she walked around what seemed to be a small town.  She came to the grave site of my husband's Grandfather Martin  and while praying, he came back to life!  He joined us at the house we were in and talked with… Continue reading When You Need a Breakthrough