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Miracles in the Middle

I'm beginning to believe I'm part wimp / part warrior. Sitting in the oncologist's office last week,  I confessed my full-on fear of the radioactive iodine treatment commonly used to treat thyroid cancer patients.  In the same breath, I confidently proclaimed I'd be happy to stand up in front of a thousand people and tell… Continue reading Miracles in the Middle

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Life Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Grief and loss can gush like water and run for days, weeks, even years --finding routes into the tiniest cracks and crevices of our innermost being.  Sometimes the seed of suffering and loss gets lodged between a rock and a hard place and forces it to crack open until the cracking and the spilling make you… Continue reading Life Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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A Time to Remember { The First Sunday of Lent }

I wash my hands a lot!  I'm getting better but it's almost as if I feel the need to cleanse myself after "whatever it was" I was doing and prepare myself for the "whatever it is" I'm going to do next.  Cleanse from any contaminants...filth.  Wash the dirt.  Preparing to arrive at the next activity in… Continue reading A Time to Remember { The First Sunday of Lent }