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In a vivid reminder, the cross is smeared across the forehead  as the words, " remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return" are spoken over you.  And you walk away with the stain ...the stain of the cross emblazoned right up front for all to see.   My friend tried to wipe… Continue reading Stains

Easter, Jesus

A Journey Through the Season of Lent

My headache was hellish.  The pain was more than I had ever experienced.  If someone had offered a radical surgical removal of the pain, I think I would have gladly accepted.  The relief-giving medicine never stayed down long enough to do the work it was intended to do.  After watching and listening to me empty… Continue reading A Journey Through the Season of Lent

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Racism and a Season of Repentance

  We've reached half-time in the Lenten season and it's time to go into the locker room and get the pep talk to finish well, right!  What were the words again? ...Repent ...Refresh ... and in the words of the Anglican Rector, Rev. Geoffrey Hatley at the Ash Wednesday service --“re-orient our life to Jesus Christ” …to focus… Continue reading Racism and a Season of Repentance

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Embracing the Season of Lent

  My spiritual roots run deep.  I was born and raised  in the south with practically all of my existence being centered around life at our Baptist church where my Dad was the pastor for about 43 years.  This was my "branch".   Jesus was our strong Foundation and the gospel message was the pillar… Continue reading Embracing the Season of Lent