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Unwanted.  Set aside.  Abandoned.   Words no one ever wants to hear or experience.  Agonizing.  Painful. Maybe you’ve listened to a friend as she shared these heart-wrenching words about a spouse, “He didn’t want me anymore.”  Maybe you’ve  been a shoulder to cry on as you comforted someone whose long-time friend abandoned the relationship.  Maybe this … Continue reading

A Mama’s Blessing   (Guest Post by Mary Jane Cohee Waters)

A Mama’s Blessing (Guest Post by Mary Jane Cohee Waters)

For some time I’ve been telling Mary Jane, a.k.a. my sister-in-law-but-more-like-a-sister, that she should publish a book entitled “Preachin’ to the Choir”.  You see, she’s married to my pastor-brother, Paul, and being the incredibly gifted musician that she is, she directs the choir at their church, Myrtle Grove Baptist Church, in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Almost … Continue reading