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Stomping it out with Jesus

At first I was burdened--heavy hearted-- but after several blows, I was rippin' mad.  Mama bear mad.  The devil had dished out his fury and this mama went stompin' it out with Jesus in the garden and in the name of Jesus declaring, "Enough!   Get your filthy hands off my boy!  He belongs to Jesus!"  … Continue reading Stomping it out with Jesus

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When You’re Looking for the “Merry” in Merry Christmas

According to Thesaurus.com , "merry" stirs up warm-hot-chocolaty-feelings like  "cheerful, jolly, fun-loving, hilarious" while her bothersome nemesis throws in words like  "depressed, gloomy, sad," and my  personal favorite,  "unfunny". 🙂 While most of the world is shouting "Merry Christmas to all," I often think about  those who are having the not-so-merry-feelings who are hearing a… Continue reading When You’re Looking for the “Merry” in Merry Christmas