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The Center Candle {{Meditations on the Last Day of Advent}}

The last four days for me have felt like living in a cocoon, wrapped with sadness and no energy source inside.  In mechanic's terms, it's been like a car completely out of gas with an engine profusely leaking oil ...leaving one blown engine ...emotionally and physically. But in the late hours of Christmas Eve or… Continue reading The Center Candle {{Meditations on the Last Day of Advent}}

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When You Need a Breakthrough

I had a dream ... This particular dream involved a lady humbly praying as she walked around what seemed to be a small town.  She came to the grave site of my husband's Grandfather Martin  and while praying, he came back to life!  He joined us at the house we were in and talked with… Continue reading When You Need a Breakthrough

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When You’re Looking for the “Merry” in Merry Christmas

According to , "merry" stirs up warm-hot-chocolaty-feelings like  "cheerful, jolly, fun-loving, hilarious" while her bothersome nemesis throws in words like  "depressed, gloomy, sad," and my  personal favorite,  "unfunny". 🙂 While most of the world is shouting "Merry Christmas to all," I often think about  those who are having the not-so-merry-feelings who are hearing a… Continue reading When You’re Looking for the “Merry” in Merry Christmas

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Hope for the Broken

I've come to realize I don't really like broken things.  I have a strong urge to fix them ...immediately!    If something was made to work a certain way, then work a certain way it should.  Anything less is ...well, irritating.  Somewhere in the idealistic-perfect-wanna-be-world of my mind, things are made to continue doing what they… Continue reading Hope for the Broken

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Listening to the Wildflowers

My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk with me." And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming." Psalm 27:8 (NLT) A few months ago I began  taking Baby Steps toward  wholeness and healing ...healing from depression, anxiety and what I call ridiculous fears.  Many steps -- some small, some large -- but some of… Continue reading Listening to the Wildflowers

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Carry On

2016 has had a rough terrible start!  In contrast, 2015 was a year full of amazing travel and family time in beautiful, scenic places like Montana, Connecticut, Mexico, New Hampshire, and Australia --along with our more frequent trips to see  family living nearby in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.  But this year ... By the time this… Continue reading Carry On

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Here …But Not All Here

It's hard to believe I'm sitting down to write tonight especially since  this morning I could barely get out of bed.  The dark cloud of deep depression, exhaustion and feeling trapped inside my little house due to the heat and humidity have just gotten the best of me today.  Our plumbing is backed up --again--and… Continue reading Here …But Not All Here