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Dying Breath { A Journey Through the Season of Lent }

I semi-slept in the recliner near my mom's bed--not knowing it would be her last night on planet earth.   When my children were little, I often teased that a mama sleeps with one eye open ...one eye on the baby and one eye on sleep. Life had made a U-turn.  It was time for… Continue reading Dying Breath { A Journey Through the Season of Lent }

Easter, Encouragement, Following Jesus

Give Way { A Journey Through the Season of Lent ~ Week 2 }

It came out of my mouth half  jokingly --"This Lenten season is going to be the death of me!"  And maybe that's exactly what it's supposed to be.  Maybe that's what Paul, a man ironically chained for the gospel of Jesus, meant when he freely expressed these words through the power of the Holy Spirit… Continue reading Give Way { A Journey Through the Season of Lent ~ Week 2 }

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After the Hallelujahs

When my Ramblin' Man  and I first got married --back in the day! -- I don't remember being very anxious about anything.  Those were the days when I pulled frozen meat out of the freezer in the morning, left it on the counter, of all places, and cooked it up for supper several hours later.  Yes ...I… Continue reading After the Hallelujahs

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Hosanna! Save us!

If you're on the 40 day journey to the Cross, we're coming to the last  week of Lent and the Biblical calendar reminds us of that final  week before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ--Holy Week .   Palm Sunday is a day of remembrance  and celebration.  It's a day to remember and retell the story of  Jesus  riding… Continue reading Hosanna! Save us!

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Embracing the Season of Lent

  My spiritual roots run deep.  I was born and raised  in the south with practically all of my existence being centered around life at our Baptist church where my Dad was the pastor for about 43 years.  This was my "branch".   Jesus was our strong Foundation and the gospel message was the pillar… Continue reading Embracing the Season of Lent

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Bumping Into the Cross on Good Friday

"A picture is worth a thousand words", they say, and sometimes a picture is painted in your thoughts that you just have to share --even if it takes a thousand words ...or 1,158 to be exact ! In my mind, I pictured a rushing river.  As the river made its way downstream, a cross  was… Continue reading Bumping Into the Cross on Good Friday