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Grand Finale {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

From Baby Feet to Blessings and Meditations to Mysteries ...this has been a wonderful, wild adventure!  30 Days of looking for life under every rock, around every corner, on paths, in the sky above and the trees and flowers below, in faces and conversations with others, and the melodies of love sung over me. There… Continue reading Grand Finale {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

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Faith and Fog

It dawned on me one day all the way up in New Hampshire on a foggy morning as I watched my husband kayak on Swanzey Lake ...faith and fog feel an awful lot alike some days.  The way seemed clear the day before but on this day -- this moment -- the path looks strangely dim ...unrecognizable.  Was this the… Continue reading Faith and Fog

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My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

Debating ...pondering ...dissecting Scripture ..analyzing the Greek for meaning  ...  I may have landed somewhere. I'm simple-minded yet emotionally complex. Knowledge and life experience has  poured into my being over the last 5 decades. I ponder this life and the Creator God and how it is  all woven together in some wild and mysterious fashion.… Continue reading My Faith Has Found a Resting Place