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Sunday Mornings

It's another Sunday and it still  feels weird.  My church family decided to change our weekly meeting time to Wednesday nights.  Sunday mornings are now free. At first I welcomed the rest.  The truth is, I had become "church exhausted" from so many emotional losses experienced this past year but I realized there is now a… Continue reading Sunday Mornings

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Beulah Land :: Remembering My Dad

They  say he was born at midnight.  August 8th into August 9th.  We always celebrated both days ...just in case.  Carrie Esther (Lawrence) Waters and John George Waters welcomed their third-born child into the world in the middle of the night in August of 1923, in the little town called Inman, South Carolina. He was… Continue reading Beulah Land :: Remembering My Dad

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When It’s Hard to Thank God

I wasn't really mad at God or anything.  I just pouted a lot.  You know ...that poochy, pouty face a kid makes when they reluctantly obey but really, really would rather do what they want to do! God had nudged my husband to pack up and move from a rural area in the northeast to… Continue reading When It’s Hard to Thank God

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Waiting for the Arrival …

It's December 3rd and the season of waiting has begun. I'm not waiting for Christmas to arrive or Santa in his sleigh with 8 reindeer and a red nose leading the way.  I'm not waiting for presents under the tree ...3 French hens, 2 turtle doves or even a partridge in a pear tree. Truth… Continue reading Waiting for the Arrival …

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Family Moments {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

  When I started this 30-Day Challenge of Finding Life, it was directly related to making an intentional effort to tangibly shift my focus from death and loss to life and hope.  The process has been reshaping me as each day turns into an all-out challenge to find any remote piece of life-giving evidence to… Continue reading Family Moments {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

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Sisters {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

Linda turned 17  two months before I was born.  She and I are the only 2 girls with 5 brothers sandwiched in between.  My earliest memories as a child center more around my sister than my own mama.  I'm pretty sure she was glad to finally have another girl in the house even if there… Continue reading Sisters {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge}

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Weeds and Wonders { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

Today had simple goodness... This morning's #walkingitoutwithJesus took me down the streets of my own neighborhood.  My neighborhood is not typically known for manicured lawns or botanical-garden-style flower beds; however, there is so much beauty in this neighborhood.  Beauty beyond what many notice. As I came around the corner and started up another street, I… Continue reading Weeds and Wonders { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }