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When the War Has Been Won But the Battle Still Rages

"Christ overcame death as the last enemy. ...To live in the light of resurrection -- that is what Easter means." Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Bread and Wine~Readings for Lent and Easter) It's pouring rain here in Alabama.  The gutters are overflowing as the clouds continue to leak from their saturated condition.  I'm sitting in Mama's chair listening… Continue reading When the War Has Been Won But the Battle Still Rages

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Dirt {A Journey Through the Season of Lent ~ Week 3}

  "They're just trying to dig up some dirt on him." And you and I both know what that means ...someone was trying to find some terrible-awful-secret-sin buried in some poor soul  to "do him in" ...a phrase meaning all would be done to discount and disqualify him as any upstanding, honest, God-loving human being--in an… Continue reading Dirt {A Journey Through the Season of Lent ~ Week 3}

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Watching the water move down the creek, my heart is moved to tell you this... The year began with a word -- move -- with thoughts like these coming to mind...Move forward.  Move toward. Move on. Move over. Get moving. Sometime you hear a word and it takes time to understand the full meaning.  The… Continue reading Move

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Taking That First Step

They say the first step is always the hardest but what if that first step looked like that first step of your feet touching the sand as you made your way to the open beach ...the ocean's waves lapping up to greet you.   What if that first step was one of anticipated beauty ...a… Continue reading Taking That First Step

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I'm trying to wrap my brain around what I saw today ... handcuffs  being wrapped around three young men's wrists ! They were so young ...so innocent looking ...still so full of potential.  What happened?  Where were the mama's and the daddy's ?  How does it feel to have 5 police cars hem you in… Continue reading Chains