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A Dance of Love and a Diamond Ring

A Dance of Love and a Diamond Ring

This is a glimpse into a love story that began before time itself.  A love so deep and so wide that I think it will take the rest of my life to tell it all. Today’s story begins with a dance of love from reflections one morning on Damon Pond in Massachusetts,  August 16, 2017 … Continue reading

All That Really Matters

So many things happen along this road we call “life”  –some great  and some not-so-great — but one song keeps singing over and over in my head and it seems — at the end of the day —  this is  all that really matters. Only  “One Thing Remains” … Jesus. Loves. Me. His love for … Continue reading


It all started so innocently.  My husband and I volunteered to help out in our children’s ministry at our new church — you know, get to know the kids and their parents and feel like you’re contributing to the sanity break that all teachers of children need from time to time!  I used to work … Continue reading