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Amending the Soil of My Soul

I love gardening.  Planting flowers and watching them grow and bloom into the beautiful creation of God they were meant to display brings joy to my heart.  However, planting flowers and watching them gradually slump as they gasp for air and nutrients, eventually turning brown and brittle-- makes me  sad and frustrated. I've gotten pretty… Continue reading Amending the Soil of My Soul

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Survivors and Sundays { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

  My brother  posted this on Facebook ... "The first Sunday in June is National Cancer Survivors' Day. That's me." That's me too!   It's been almost 4 years since my thyroid cancer was removed.  We're both survivors. Today  we celebrate Life with thousands of others and thank God for His healing grace.  Life.  … Continue reading Survivors and Sundays { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

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Let’s Say Grace

I'm not sure how it started --"Let's say grace"--but most of us know what it means. Can't  you  see your family and friends gathered around a table ...bowls and  platters heaped with delicious food  ...the smell of home-cooked-goodness filling the air ...all calling you to come and eat!?! Saying "grace" brings everyone  to a place for pause.… Continue reading Let’s Say Grace

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Friendships {What Really Matters}

A friend and I found ourselves sitting at a funeral home -- bearing witness to the life of a dear friend who was gone way before her time.  And how do you hold on to the family and help them bear the burden  of such a great loss when your own heart is broken and… Continue reading Friendships {What Really Matters}

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When You Need a Leap Day!

Turns out, we all need a "Leap Day" ...a "Leap Year" to realign.  NASA explains it this way... "The reason for adding leap days to the calendar is to align the calendar year with the actual year – which is defined by the time it takes Earth to circle the sun. It is equal to… Continue reading When You Need a Leap Day!

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Hard Times…More Grace

On my front porch rocker one morning,  with coffee in hand, trying to sort out situations that were weighing heavy on my heart -- Sometimes  you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and the "world" eclipses the Son from shining into your own soul.  I'm praying and waiting on God to help… Continue reading Hard Times…More Grace