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Life Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Grief and loss can gush like water and run for days, weeks, even years --finding routes into the tiniest cracks and crevices of our innermost being.  Sometimes the seed of suffering and loss gets lodged between a rock and a hard place and forces it to crack open until the cracking and the spilling make you… Continue reading Life Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Stomping it out with Jesus

At first I was burdened--heavy hearted-- but after several blows, I was rippin' mad.  Mama bear mad.  The devil had dished out his fury and this mama went stompin' it out with Jesus in the garden and in the name of Jesus declaring, "Enough!   Get your filthy hands off my boy!  He belongs to Jesus!"  … Continue reading Stomping it out with Jesus

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Every Heart Has a Message…

I wonder how long it took for this heart to be hollowed out in this log?  How long does love take to deepen like this?  What did it take to carve through the hardened timber?  Was it a storm that caused it to fall?  Did life eat away at the core?  Who could carve in such… Continue reading Every Heart Has a Message…


Refreshing in the Deep Places

We had an unusual snow in Alabama!  A dusting that cleared the streets of most moving vehicles and most likely cleared the shelves in Walmart of bread and milk!   I bundled up  to take a beautiful walk in the sunshine during a warmer part of the day--  bringing back memories  of my walks in New… Continue reading Refreshing in the Deep Places

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Do Not Fear {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

I thought having babies was pretty courageous.  Four times I went into surgery for Cesarean deliveries.  I would do it all over again for the lives of our children that were birthed.  No regrets.  Life was birthed. Since our children are all grown up now, I  thought life would settle down a bit.  Turns out,… Continue reading Do Not Fear {Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

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Survivors and Sundays { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

  My brother  posted this on Facebook ... "The first Sunday in June is National Cancer Survivors' Day. That's me." That's me too!   It's been almost 4 years since my thyroid cancer was removed.  We're both survivors. Today  we celebrate Life with thousands of others and thank God for His healing grace.  Life.  … Continue reading Survivors and Sundays { Finding Life :: A 30-Day Challenge }

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Baby Feet and Blossoms… {Finding life-giving moments}

  Be aware when you start a 30-day challenge to find life-giving moments you might find what feels like death before you find any life.  After a many-hour-long-battle with an excruciating headache, I'm here to tell you-- life is good right now. I found life in God's healing power today. "...for I am the Lord… Continue reading Baby Feet and Blossoms… {Finding life-giving moments}