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After the Hallelujahs

When my Ramblin' Man  and I first got married --back in the day! -- I don't remember being very anxious about anything.  Those were the days when I pulled frozen meat out of the freezer in the morning, left it on the counter, of all places, and cooked it up for supper several hours later.  Yes ...I… Continue reading After the Hallelujahs

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Because We All Have Bridges to Cross

I see life  in pictures and believe a soundtrack should be playing in the background throughout most of the day.  My husband once said if I ever wrote a book it would be mainly pictures with quotes and verses.  I'm a big fan of addicted to canva,  picmonkey, and the  Fontlab app  for photo editing and… Continue reading Because We All Have Bridges to Cross

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Criticism and Compliments

I've been pondering again !  Maybe I should have named this blog  "Pondering Moments" . 🙂 Part of me avoids criticism like the plague.  I mean, who  really  wants it, right !? No one gets up in the morning and says, "I hope somebody stops by and gives me a bucket load of criticism today!"… Continue reading Criticism and Compliments

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Be Still …

Today I need to be still ...be still  with God ...enjoy being with Him ...soak up some time together ...take a walk with Him ...listen to Him  sing songs to my soul ...quiet my spirit in the middle of the chaos all around me. I just wondered if you might be sensing the same thing… Continue reading Be Still …

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Painting the Foundation

Probably my least favorite job on our house remodel so far ...painting the foundation !  Ughhh !  I mean, nobody really ever notices -- right ??  So why even bother?  Oh my goodness!! -- is this my shameless way of calling attention to my paint job by posting it all over the internet for all… Continue reading Painting the Foundation