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Hope for the Broken

Hope for the Broken

I’ve come to realize I don’t really like broken things.  I have a strong urge to fix them …immediately!    If something was made to work a certain way, then work a certain way it should.  Anything less is …well, irritating.  Somewhere in the idealistic-perfect-wanna-be-world of my mind, things are made to continue doing what they … Continue reading

Finding Home

Finding Home

Finding Home … There’s a weaving and a wandering to life with many twists and turns along the way.  The highways become like the tape of a reel-to-reel motion picture with a cast of actors merging on and exiting off at different mile markers. In the coming and going, finding home seems hard.  You lose … Continue reading

Faith and Fog

Faith and Fog

It dawned on me one day all the way up in New Hampshire on a foggy morning as I watched my husband kayak on Swanzey Lake …faith and fog feel an awful lot alike some days.  The way seemed clear the day before but on this day — this moment — the path looks strangely dim …unrecognizable.  Was this the … Continue reading

Bumping Into the Cross on Good Friday

“A picture is worth a thousand words“, they say, and sometimes a picture is painted in your thoughts that you just have to share –even if it takes a thousand words …or 1,158 to be exact ! In my mind, I pictured a rushing river.  As the river made its way downstream, a cross  was … Continue reading

When You Find Yourself in a Pit

It’s the after-Christmas blahs !!!  You know what I’m talking about.  We gear up for Christmas with eager anticipation …the planning, the decorating, the parties, the lights, the family all around.  It’s the “hap – happi-est time of the year!”  But then everyone starts talking about our government “falling off the fiscal cliff” ?? … … Continue reading

The Mamas of the Christmas Story

As the Christmas story is unpacked again this season, the characters seem to tumble out of the box with  resurrected life.  It’s like bringing  a freshly cut Christmas tree into the living room — the scent of pine filling the entire house, awaking something inside you — bringing up the child-like enthusiasm all over again! … Continue reading

Making Room for Christmas

I’ve found that decorating smaller spaces gets pretty interesting, especially when everything  pretty much fits like a puzzle to begin with ! But here’s the deal …in our house, we LOVE Christmas — the whole nine yards of it — and we like to decorate and light up spaces all around the house with the … Continue reading

Saying Thanks Before the Gift

It just occurred to me that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and,  no — the turkey hasn’t gobbled up my brain !  Obviously, I’ve known ,  as far as our American calendar goes, Thanksgiving is securely holding a spot on the fourth Thursday of every November with Christmas following closely behind — a flip of the … Continue reading