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Friendships {What Really Matters}

A friend and I found ourselves sitting at a funeral home -- bearing witness to the life of a dear friend who was gone way before her time.  And how do you hold on to the family and help them bear the burden  of such a great loss when your own heart is broken and… Continue reading Friendships {What Really Matters}

Encouragement, Friendships

Conversations in the Sand

One of  my "perfect world" scenarios ... grabbing a  beach chair (one with multiple, reclining positions, of course !) ... my beach bag with sunscreen options anywhere from 8-30 SPF (depending on how long I'm staying outside and how sunburnt I am  from the day before) ... a beautiful  beach  ... and people I love… Continue reading Conversations in the Sand

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Porch Dwellers

New neighborhood ...new rules ...new sounds ...new faces ...new normal! There are some things that take some getting used to about our new neighborhood -- things like sirens, lots of street lights (you'd have to know where I lived before to appreciate that!), litter, locking your car, locking your house up even when you go… Continue reading Porch Dwellers