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Show Me the Receipt!

While in the checkout line at our neighborhood discount store (that’s code for “Dollar General”), the man behind me asked  how I was doing.  Working hard at being honest and not giving the sometimes polite-but-not-real -“I’m fine” answer, I said,   “I’m doing 0-kay …I always need prayer.”  Putting my off-brand bleach on the counter, … Continue reading

Baby Steps in the Right Direction

Baby Steps in the Right Direction

Few movies have had lasting impact on our family like “What About Bob?”.  We laugh. We cry. It moves us!  …but we mostly laugh!   My husband and kids can have entire conversations using lines from this movie.  It’s very possible we’ve subconsciously memorized the entire script. God knows this, I’m sure, and  it’s not … Continue reading


It all started so innocently.  My husband and I volunteered to help out in our children’s ministry at our new church — you know, get to know the kids and their parents and feel like you’re contributing to the sanity break that all teachers of children need from time to time!  I used to work … Continue reading